the worst squirrel story ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the worst squirrel story ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started of as we go back from my aunties house and we actually saw a squirrel stuck in a squirrel proof bird feeder stuck in a hole . This is an actual true story that happened today . It was squealing trying to run away from my uncle trying to let him out . So my uncle got a weird tool that I never saw before and cut the cage . It ran quickly as it could but luckily it survived !!!!!!!!!

Pixie Village…

Pixie Village…

Deep throughout Misty Wood, there sat a peaceful, little ornate town. This strange, micro (maybe not that small!) town, is known as Pixie Village! All of the crumbly houses, were made from the softest, ever sandstone! The cute, hand-made  houses over-looked the beautiful, diamond city called Enchantment where the beautiful, sapphire blue palace stood, with grace. Everybody was afraid of the great, powerful Queen who lived there, nobody dared to ever make her disappointed, other wise the Queen might become a dragon of fury and destroy her own city with her beastly temper! Apart from that, Pixie Village is a very nice, warm place to live, where all dreams come true and anything can happen!

history of the world cup

history of the world cup

in 1930  Urugauy won it

in 1934  italy and they won the cup

in 1938 the champs were italy

in 1950 the champs were uruguay

in 1954 the champs were west germany

in 1958 the champs were brazil

in 1962 the champs were brazil

in 1966 the champs were england

in 1970 the champs were brazil

in 1974 the champs were west germany

in 1978 the champs were argentina

in 1982 the champs were italy

in 1986 the champs were argentina

in 1990 the champs were west germany

in 1994 the champs were brazil

in 1998 the champs were france

in 2002 the champs were brazil

in 2006 the champs were italy

in 2010 the champs were spain

in 2014 the champs were germany

the round up of the world cup 2014

the round up of the world cup 2014

the world cup 2014 was great after robin van Persie and his flying header but it wasn’t enough to get the golden boot of the world cup after James Rodriguez grabbed it after his no look volley. the spanish didn’t do very well after getting nocked out in the groups because they were defending champs. but this year england were looking for a better run as they did as bad a spain when they got knocked out in groups. germany made there country proud this year when they got a brilliant fluky goal in extra time. brazil sacked their coach after a terrible run (but thats what they think) after they lost against Germany with a wopping loss 7-1 and they also lost to the Netherlands in the third and fourth play offs. Costa rica did well but they lost on pens to the super sub goalie tim krul.

Tyler MAN U 2013/14 review

Tyler MAN U 2013/14 review

hi i’m Tyler and my friend jay is next to me and were going to give you a fact file on Manchester United FC. This year Man U need to make an extreme comeback to revive last years shocker. A big arguement is whether David Moyes Sir alex ferguson’s succesor should have been given more time. But never the less you cant argue that we werent very succsecfull that year. As almost every year before that we never left the top three zone. We made some sighing’s which were not what we expected like maroune Fellaini who was Evertons star man but spent to long in injury at old trafford. But some were amazing like juan mata a spaniard who won the world cup with spain. but with Moyes’s disaster he managed to bring adnan januzaj into first team


Charlotte’s marvelous menu…

Charlotte’s marvelous menu…

Hello, my name is Charlotte, here is my amazing, made-up menu that I created myself. Enjoy!…

Starters: Homemade smooth, golden carrot soup decorated with green herbs- £2.99   Or you can have a bowl of delicious spaghetti and blood-red tomato sauce-£4.50 you could have garlic bread on the side for only-£2.99

Main course: A crispy, light jacket potato with freshly cooked chips, beans or peas- £6.30.

Or you could have chicken nuggets, with beans, chips or peas- £3.50. There is also, a beef or cheese burger served with chicken nuggets and chips or beans or peas-£5.99. (there is a veggie burger for vegetarians)

Desserts: Creamy ice-cream (The flavour of your choice) with smarties and chocolate fudge cake-£2.50. Or there is crumbly apple pie with cream, custard or ice-cream-£1.50. Also, strawberry, light cheesecake which is only-£2.00!

I hope you enjoyed my menu! What would you pick? (Put a comment on what you want to eat from my menu!)





World Cup poem

World Cup poem



The 2014 World Cup in Brazil,

was perhaps the best one ever,

pas the entire planet watched games in brand new stadiums,

that were built on the back of a book,

the hosts kicked things of with a win,

dispite a shaky start,

neymar grabbed him self a brace,

and tye nation took him to their heart,

the Dutch destroyed the reining champions,

showing the Spanish no mercy,

the goal fest began with a flying Dutchman,

who’s name was robin persie,

Australia might not have got a point,

but they definitely pointed one,

they were right at home playing in the heat,

it’s hardwork playing in the sun,

England’s tournament was epitomised,

by sterlings shot that we all thought went in,

but our tournament was over soon after

Facts about Italy

Facts about Italy

Italy is known as the Italian Republic

San Marino is found inside Italy but is classed as its own country

Campione d’italia Is found in italy but is part of the switzerland borders

Italy is part of the continent Europe

Italy is bordered by austria San Marino Switzerland France and Vatican City

Rome is the capital of Italy

Rome was the home to many ancient romans

Italy has many earthquakes

Italy is the home to over 61 million people

Italy use english and German and Italian to speak

the most poular sport is football and Italy have won the world cup 4 times but this year they didn’t do well they got knocked out in the group stage like England as they lost to Costa Rica

Facts about Colombia

Facts about Colombia

1: Colombia is in the continent South America

2: it is boarded by Brazil

3: the language for Colombia is Spanish

4: the capital is bogota

5: the official name for colombia is the republic of Colombia

6: it is bordered by 5 different country’s one of them is peru

7: the name Colombia  has come from the explorer Christopher Columbus

8: 99% of Colombia speak spanish which is the proper language to speak but some speak English and french

9: bogota the capital is the second lrgest city in the whole of south America (wow it must be big)

10: the popular sport in Colombia is football the Colombian team won the 2001 copa America ( south American championship it’s like the euros that the European teams play in but in this the South American teams play)